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    guidelines for integrating CubeMX code




      I have read the various posts regarding the integration of CubeMX. The goal is to create a C++ FreeRTOS project with peripheral initialization using CubeMX (STM32F407). I have gotten to the point that the project builds and loads in the debugger. My struggle seems to be system initialization.


      This is what I have done.

      • created a GNU MCU C++ project for the STM32F4xx
      • used CubeMX to create a cubemx subdirectory in the GNU MCU project. Code generation configured as follows
        • copy only necessary library files
        • generate peripheral initialization files
        • other toolchains (GPDSC)
      • changed project configuration to use the HAL driver source and include from CubeMX
        • both CubeMX and Eclipse packs claim to be at the same version but the code is not the same


      I believe the cubeMX generated system_stm32f4xx.c should be used. To fix compiler issues, I copied APBPrescTable to the file in GNU MCU. When I included the CubeMX version it did not boot.


      Do you have additional information about how to integrate these environments?