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    How many badges are possible?


      As the title asks - how many badges is it possible to get?

      Some badges are only available in a short time window and some are no longer given out, but all of those should be included in the max possible number.

      There could be a separate number for the max number of badges available today.

      I know I don't have them all, but I'm curious how many I missed.

      Is it my imagination or has the new badge activity tapered off?

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          Don't believe there is a limit but I could be mistaken.


          As far as the new badge activity....


          Not your imagination.


          The last update I received regarding the badges is that they were not visible but there and along the following lines:


          The dev team raised a support request with the vendor of our gamification system as it appears there are several things broken such as points not being awarded, activity stream not being updated, and badges not awarded.

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            I know I don't have them all, but I'm curious how many I missed.

            I find that selecting missions, then 'unearned first' shows what ones are available.

            I guess we aren't going to get the new manual badge ... I have four manual cars does that qualify?



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              There is a table of 34 Active Missions Badges here:

              Your Ranking: element14 Community Badges, Levels & Points

              along with a table of 12 Archived Badges, for a total of 46.


              But those lists aren't nearly complete, for example missing at least:

              • Test Manual Badge
              • Exterminator
              • Spam Buster
              • Year of the Rooster
              • Year of the Dog
              • Santa's Helper
              • Power Profile
              • IoT II
              • Circuit Protection 1
              • Circuit Protectors 2
              • Motor Control 1
              • FPGA 1
              • Power Skills 1
              • Power Skills 2
              • Power Skills 3
              • Industrial IoT
              • Jedi Master
              • Essentials Playtime!
              • Project14 Finisher
              • Project14 Mentor
              • Project14 Founder
              • Project14 Influencer
              • Project14 Step Climber
              • Project14 Winner - 1
              • Project14 Winner - 2
              • Project14 Winner - 3
              • Project14 Winner - 4
              • Project14 Winner - 5
              • Project14 Winner - 6
              • Project14 Winner - 7
              • Wireless Protocol 1
              • 2015 Member of the Year Nominee
              • 2015 Member of the Year
              • 2016 Member of the Year
              • Microcontroller Skills 1
              • Microcontroller Skills 2
              • Microcontroller Skills 3
              • Father's Day 2016: Day of the Dad
              • Father's Day 2016: DIY Ninja
              • Father's Day 2016: Quality Time King
              • Father's Day 2016: Shed Dweller
              • Father's Day 2016: The IoT of Chaps
              • Father's Day 2016: The Maker
              • Father's Day 2016: Boys' Toys
              • Sith
              • element14's 8th Birthday
              • Raspberry Pi 6th's Birthday
              • Pin-Up Pinout
              • First Order
              • Global Spotlight: Germany
              • Dreamboard Finalist
              • Computer Security Day 2016
              • How Wude!
              • element14 Geocacher
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