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    Help ammeter


      Hello my friends ,
      It is a pleasure to be here :

      I would like to set up a current / power meter like this one here:


      Only for frequency up to 500khz (or at most 1Mhz).
      What existed ready that I can enjoy?
      Thank you all.

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          The current meter that you referenced is obviously not going to work.  The current clamps will roll off on the higher frequency that you intend to measure.  As to what might be appropriate will depend more of what you are measuring.  Are you measuring a constant waveform or a pulsed signal?  If you can lend a little more detail on your needs, there may be people here who can provide some targeted solutions.  Also, what other resources do you have (i.e. multi-meter, oscilloscope?) and is this a single measurement or a form of long term monitoring?



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              Thanks for answering.
              OK . I will try to be more objective and specific at the same time:
              "It's a prototype for experiments in my workshop.
              - The measurement is not constant. It is only within a period (example 10 seconds). But this current can change according to the voltage and charge variation. The voltage and charge value are set before measuring.
              - The signal to be measured is AC, with a maximum frequency of 1MHZ and in principle the waveform does not matter. Sailing on the oscilloscope is not a priority but it can be interesting.
              - Measure current between approximately 10ma to 6A (with maximum accuracy)
              - The purpose is to measure the current and display this value on the display. In 5 seconds, for example, it is enough time to note this value.
              "I do not know if it's possible to work on that signal using your home computer with software, too."
              I hope you can help me.

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