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    CLARIFICATION: A Cools Tools RoadTest is Part of our Cool Tools Campaign


      If you see a roadtest that has "Cool Tools" in the title, it is part of our Cool Tools Campaign that I kicked off in this discussion:


      Cool Tools To Giveaway for a Blog Review


      In this campaign, we are offering tools to review, write a blog, or share an experience.


      Some of these "cool tools" roadtests are full roadtests with 1-month enrollment periods; some have very short enrollment periods, and others are giveaways because they responded and participated in my Cool Tools blog (see above).


      After I kicked off the cool tools campaign, we later decided to use the RoadTest infrastructure for the Cool Tools blogs. We thought this would give the cool blogs more visibility.


      I realize now that that has caused some confusion. I hope this clarifies things.


      We are no longer pre-selecting candidates for roadtests. We have turned down "roadTest by Invitations". All roadtests (not part of a special campaign) are open and competitive applications.


      Sorry for the confusion.




      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager