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    How can I use CircuitStudio to create a footprint in a way that doesn't make me want to blow my brains out


      I'm just trying to create a footprint, but instead of doing it the "old fashioned way" (changing the snap grid size, zooming way in so that I can use the mouse to place the start of the line to the nearest 0.01 mm mark), I was dinking around trying to do it in a sensical, efficient way.


      Most CAD editors I've ever used allow you to define the coordinate of the next point you are placing using keyboard input.  For example, if I wanted to place the next point of a poly-line at X = 6.35 and Y = 6.35 I could type "6.35 mm TAB 6.35 mm ENTER"  using the keyboard, instead of setting the snap grid to 0.01mm and zooming way in near 6.35 mm and then dancing the cursor around the screen while watching the cursor coordinate indicator until both X and Y hit 6.35.


      Does CircuitStudio have any functionality that would allow me to simple enter the coordinate for the next point instead of doing this retarding dance?




      I also tried to be more productive by defining some linear guides in my footprint layout.  Big mistake.  That just wastead time, since CircuitStudio does not snap to linear guides (even if you have that option enabled).  Woopsies!  See the video here for proof:






      I'm building up quite a repository of CircuitStudio annoyances on my YouTube channel.  Good thing YouTube doesn't seem to impose any sort of limitations on how many MB of CircuitStudio mishaps I upload.