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    How do I connect a car TFT screen to a raspberry pi 2b


      Let me start off by saying I am a noob at this stuff but a fast leaner.  This is something I have been wanting to do for a while which is to make a portable gaming device with a raspberry pi.  Now I have the raspberry pi but can not for the life of me figure out how to connect a TFT screen to it because the cables do not fit the pi itself.  I have 8 lcd's with with 4 of them having a removable touchscreen, and one portable Blu-ray player.  I  have looked really hard to find someone using theses types of screens but almost all of them are using ones with a red, white, and yellow cables.  I really want to use the Blu-ray player  because I can also use the case and the rechargeable battery pack which is another issue because it pumps out 7.2v and I am afraid that it might short out the pi.  Can anyone please help me with this?

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          Hi Wayne,


          For some ideas and some info see here:

          Cheap portable LCD for Raspberry Pi


          Small monitor options for R-Pi

          In short if the displays have an RCA connector style interface (also known as composite video) then they can likely be attached to the Pi. Another alternative is HDMI.

          There are other ways too, but they are more complicated and could require adaptors which are difficult to make, and may or may not function with the display drivers on the Pi today.

          If you're using RCA, then an adaptor cable is needed which might be available ready-made or see here for pin wiring information:

          Raspberry Pi 2 A/V output via RCA Question.

          As you say, 7.2V will damage the pi. A regulator is needed (called a DC-DC converter) if you want to operate from a 7.2V battery. The output needs to provide 5V and offer a minimum of 1.5A perhaps (2A or higher would be preferable).

          If you want a small display for the Pi that is better quality than via RCA, google for 'Pi SPI TFT'. Such displays attach to the large expansion connector on top of the Pi. There are various models from different manufacturers. For a bigger screen, see here: Raspberry Pi 7” Capacitive Touch Display: Assembly and Enclosure which attaches via a flat flex connector to the Pi.

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            Maybe I am not understanding your question, but if a TFT screen you have uses the "Red, White and Yellow" cables, then yes, the Raspberry Pi can send video to that screen.  This picture is just an example I grabbed from the internet.  The yellow connector is Composite video that Shabaz mentioned.  (Red and White are RCA connectors from stereo sound). (This picture is just to confirm if these are the connector shapes on your TFT screen)


            (sorry, it's a much bigger photo than I expected)


            The Raspberry Pi (model 2B) has a 3.5mm jack for Composite video.  You need a cable to make it work with a TFT screen.  Like this one:



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              No it does not have yellow,  red, and white cables.  It has a ribbon cable and a pink and white power cable.  The ribbon cable fits but the screen is from a car radio so I think it is a 9v screen.  I also have a DVD player with output only and no input.  So I am trying to figure out how to connect it to the pi.

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                  If the ribbon cable is a flat flex cable directly from the TFT, then that's near-impossible to use easily, because there are many different configurations of interface and connector, and it would become a game of luck trying to find some adaptor or controller card that definitely works, and costs less overall compared to just buying a new display that is already intended for the Pi.

                  If the ribbon cable is from some circuit board, you may have some luck trying to trace connections - without a circuit diagram some detailed photo would be needed to see if this is possible.

                  The DVD player has an output, but internally the TFT accepts input signals, so any chance of getting it connected involves opening the player - but it is unlikely to be easily usable, because there is no need for the player internals to have any accessible HDMI or composite signals.