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    [Question] What is the correct procedure for starting development?




      I recently installed GNU MCU plugin for eclipse. I also created a project, here came the first problem, as I own a STM32F334 dev board but the project creator didn't allow this dev board nor didn't have my MCU (STM32F334R8) available for chossing when creating the project. I simply selected stm32f30X. I compiled and flashed this first blinky project and... surprise it didn't work. Of course my config must be wrong, LED pin config and/or clock config and even other items I didn't think about. I also came through the Packs Manager and found some items named after my dev board, like:


      This item looks just perfect, however somewhere I saw that this MDK project can not be compiled stright away. So what is the purpose of this packs items? Maybe looking at them and copying?


      Also I was able to open some device config headers:

      Is this file intended to be swapped with my initial stm32f30x.h? Is there any possibility to select all this Packs Manager installed modules from the project creator wizard?


      So as you see I need some guidance in what are the steps to be performed to get a working blinky project with a target device different from the wizard available devices, as seen:



      EDIT: I got

      system_stm32f3xx.c (system/src/cmsis)

      stm32f334x8.h (system/include/cmsis)

      system_stm32f3xx.h (system/include/cmsis)

      from Packs Manager and copied to the folders within the (). Now I think I have to modify the makefile in order to define the proper variables to be used in cmsis_device.h. Do I have to modidy all 6 subdir.mk or is there any better way of doing it?


      Thank you very much for your support,