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    Call to All Students of the Community: Why Are You Missing a Chance to Learn about Edge Computing?


      Greetings to all Students of Technology, young, old and anyone in between....


      Technology is rapidly evolving. (Perhaps I'm stating the obvious.) What isn't so obvious is why you are missing out on a chance to learn about edge computing.


      Edge computing is a critical development of IoT technology. Sensors and nodes and wireless communication protocols are talked about a lot on the community. But edge computing is the bigger picture.


      Edge computing provides new capabilities in IoT, especially for those in machine learning such as object detection, face recognition, language processing, and obstacle avoidance.


      Element14 is hosting a webinar tomorrow Sept 26th called: IoT Webinar: Computing at the Edge - When, Why and How


      I'd suggest that you take time out from class or homework and listen to an expert on edge computing. It will enrich your understanding of IoT and its infrastructure.


      You can sign up here: IoT Webinar: Computing at the Edge - When, Why and How


      Its an excellent price for a student: it's free!!!!


      But the best thing about this webinar is that I am giving away 2 development boards for free. The 2 best questions asked in the webinar will win.


      Do Not Miss This Opportunity!