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    10,000+ Internet of Things Jobs


      10,000+ IoT jobs---can you believe that?  That's not my number; I found it on Google as I was researching an article for element14. And Google, of course, pointed me to none other than LinkedIn.


      10,000 of any kind of jobs is a lot of jobs.


      Hmm...my first thought was: why aren't they filled?


      Made me curious.


      I scrolled through some of them: solution architects, node.js, IoT data engineers, NB-IoT program managers, field engineers, cloud consultants, ASIC/MEMS engineers--- the list of jobs were endless. It would take me weeks to read all of them. I peeked into one of them for an IoT Consultant. It said:


      Preferred Additional Skills

      • Experience with requirements engineering, project management, and technical documentation
      • Experience with prototyping platforms (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry PI), sensors and electronics
      • Be comfortable presenting technical topics


      LOL. (Excuse my outburst.) But that sounds like a lot of element14 members!


      Well, here's what I think: there are plenty of opportunities out there for tech people in IoT. If you want to really take advantage of them, then join me on October 10th as I host element14's first IoT Careers Webinar:


      How To Start and Grow Your IoT Career Featuring Microchip Technology Inc and The Things Network


      I will be discussing IoT Careers, Skills and Opportunities with two leading companies in this space: Microchip Corporation and The Things Network.


      Hope to See you there!


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      Randall Scasny

      Webinar Host