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    Formatting Issues - newlines not appearing


      I'm having some issues with the formatting of a document. In fact this happens quite often to me but usually I can delete text or format and replace it to get the document looking good. In this case I cannot and it leaves my document looking sub-standard. In the screenshots below you can see the WYSIWYG editor with some nicely spaced text. The middle screenshot shows what it looks like if I save as draft and view it...all those spaces have gone and the text is harder to read. That loss of spacing continues through the document. I have also included the HTML of that section in case that can help. Adding several CR in one place did resolve the issue...but then I got a section in my draft version with a big chuck of CRs as expected. The bold headers are Style/Header3


      I'm using Windows 10 + Mozilla Firefox Quantum 62.0.3 (64 bit).


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.