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    An Open Source Tablet with many compatibilities


      Hello E14 community,


      I'm Guillaume from Diskio Pi.

      I would like to introduce you my product, an Open Source Tablet for all your touch screens projects.


      Diskio Pi is compatible Raspberry Pi (all models, except compute module), Odroid C1+/C2, and more, like UP board, Pine64 ...

      13'3 HD screen, capacitive touch, internal usb hub, 5v@4A power, sound, etc.

      Some options will be also available, like VESA support, cooling solution, SSD 2'5..


      Diskio Pi tablet


      If you're intersted by this project, you can have a look on the crowfunding campain: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diskiopi/diskio-pi-the-ultime-open-source-tablet-0?ref=arby52


      Some early birds offers are still available.


      Thank you !