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    Element 14 has not processed or notified me of shipment


      I'm slightly upset and don't know where to post this  or who to contact. I ordered an expansion card for the MIcroZed board on November 3. I requested expedited shipping and have not received any notification to whether my order was shipped or not. I received no tracking number and the order has not been showing up in my account settings. I know I placed the order because I was charged for it and I received a notification email from Element 14 saying they had processed the order. I've searched their tracking site for the P.O. number but the P.O. they gave me is invalid. The only number I have to go on is the order number which apparently isn't the right number they use to track orders. They rather use the P.O. number instead I guess??? I've reached out to the sales department and have not received any response from them yet. I sent another email out to them just now so hopefully I hear something back. Where are these orders coming from? I live in the U.S. and I'm starting to wonder if this is shipped from overseas. When I placed the order it notified me that I was ordering from a state side retailer so I just assume it was within the U.S. Is this not true? Who do I contact? What is the estimated response time to receive a reply form the sales department.

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          Hi Shane,


          element14.com is a community website, did you buy from newark.com? The company that processes the order is perhaps Newark in the US, or Farnell in the UK. There are no products for sale on element14.com, although there are links to products which will take you to (say) newark.com.


          Whichever company you ordered with, they will have phone numbers for sales support on their website.

          For example, Newark has the contact numbers on their home page (at the bottom): https://www.newark.com/

          I'm in the UK, and Farnell.com has the phone numbers on their page too.. and resolve issues immediately as soon as I call them.

          I don't think you should wait around for any more e-mails if it has been a week - better to pick up the phone and get it resolved within minutes.

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