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    Project14 | Volunteer to Judge the Test Instrumentation Competition!


      Test Instrumentation

      Enter Your Electronics & Design Project for a chance to win a Grand Prize for Originality, a Tool Set, and a $100 Shopping Cart!

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      Greetings Community Members!


      Volunteer to vote to help pick the Grand Prize Winner and the 3 first place winners for the Test Instrumentation competition. We seek volunteers from the community to ensure the competition reflects the diversity of thought and opinion that makes this the best online community for engineers in the galaxy!


      Those of you that have volunteered to judge in the past, you know the drill.  Comment below to let me know or message me directly at  tariq.ahmad.  We've got testing tools to giveaway along with the usual $100 Shopping Carts.


      One Grand Prize Winner Wins an 18-PC Tool Kit Plus a $100 Shopping Cart! Three First Place Winners Win a 6-PC Tool Kit Plus a $100 Shopping Cart!

      18-Piece Journeyman Tool Set (~$327 Value) Plus a $100 Shopping Cart

      6-Piece Trim Out Tool Set (~$100 Value) Plus a $100 Shopping Cart

      Comfortable and durable tools for the professional Contains one Journeyman side-cutting pliers, one Journeyman diagonal-cutting pliers, one Journeyman long-nose pliers, one Journeyman pump pliers, one adjustable wrench, one phillips-tip screwdriver, one wire-bending screwdriver, two cabinet-tip screwdrivers, one Rapi-Driv® screwdriver, one square-recess tip screwdriver, two nut drivers, one power-return rule, one Klein-Kurve® wire stripper/cutter, one protective eyewear, one Powerline work belt, one 10-pocket tool pouch

      A quick, portable solution for electricians on the go! 6-Piece set contains one side cutting pliers, one Klein Kurve® Wire Stripper, one Phillips-Tip Screwdriver, one Cabinet-Tip Screwdriver, one 4-pocket leather pouch, and a lightweight utility belt Includes: Heavy Duty Side Cutting Pliers (D2000-9NE) Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper (11055) #2 Phillips-Tip Screwdriver, 4-Inch (102 mm) round shank (603-4) 4-Pocket Leather Tool Pouch, riveted for extra durability (5119) Lightweight Utility Belt (5204)



      You're under no obligation to vote for the best project but we do ask that you look for complete projects and let us know your thoughts on the winners you pick.

      The guidelines are loosely structured but are designed to encourage complete project submissions (with steps and video proof), and we want this program to be something that everyone in the community can participate to post smaller projects that fit within a theme (a theme the members pick in a monthly poll) .

      For each project submission did the entrant do the following:

      • Follow the Steps - Did they provide the steps it took to complete the project (text, video, or images) and/or schematics.
      • Submit Video Proof - Did they post a video proof of their project?
      • Stick to the Theme - How well did the project stick to the theme of the competition?
      • Demonstrate Originality - Did they come up with a clever name for their project? Or did they introduce something new or that is not commercially available?


      Get a Decider badge for volunteering to judge a Project14 competition!  To earn a Decider badge, simply volunteer to judge a Project14 Competition, pick the winners and give us the reason for your choices.  The Decider badge will be your reward for making your decision!  Diversity and inclusiveness are the strengths of this program.  You can receive a Decider badge by volunteering to judge this or any future Project14 Competition!


      Here is the list of projects to choose from Test Instrumentation:


      Project14 | Test Instrumentation: Meet the Do-It-Yourself Test Equipment Projects!


      A Simple DC Electronic load for the experimenter's Shop.  by jw0752




      MinMax - Calibration Box by rsc



      tinyMonster - Analog Precision opto-isolator by mahmood.hassan




      Frequency Counter (Square, Sine or Tri angular) by mahmood.hassan




      Voltmeter (>1mV) with user selectable range using Micro:bit (Part-1) & Precision analog opto-isolation amplifier using HCNR200/201  by mahmood.hassan



      "No Lies" IR Thermometer by koudelad





      µBOSS .... Test Instrumentation ... micro:bit by dougw




      Tiny DVM by dubbie




      Simple resistance measurement with the micro bit and voltage divider by kk99



      Wireless voltage measurement with microbit by kk99




      micro:bit as Pass / Fail indicator in an automated test setup by jancumps



      SCPI on a Linux Board - Part 4b: TCP/IP SCPI and Instrument Service 100% Working by jancumps



      Working Prototype of a Kelvin (4-Wire) Milliohm Meter by fmilburn




      A Transistor Load by jc2048




      Project PITS by three-phase


      Keep this a by members, for members program by volunteering to judge!