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    Problem with commenting


      Hi Guys,


      I have some trouble when I try to write a comment. The problem is that when I click on Add comment or on Reply buttons it takes a while before the text entry section appears. The site is loading like on the picture below. It takes the text editor from 10 seconds to 1-2 minutes to appear.

      I can experience it long ago, it is not is relation with the new style of the site.


      Can anyone else experience this? I have disabled ad blockers, and it is a Firefox 63.0.3 browser.


      Thank for you help.

      Regards, Balázs

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          Dudley Nelson

          Hi blzsmrki,


          I'm one of the developers of https://www.element14.com/community


          There are a million things that could be causing this, but there's enough in your post to give me concern.


          I have a few questions if you can spare a moment to answer some questions on this?


          Is this the only place you notice big slowness biting you? Or is this the worst of several places that are slow?


          If, the next time you get this, you let it do it's thing and take the 1-2(!!!) minutes it takes to allow you to post - what happens if you refresh the page and do it again a second time? Is it much faster? Or does it continue to be slow?


          I'd also like to ask how technical you are? Do you know what you're doing with firefox dev tools? No worries if you don't, but if you happen to know what you're doing, I can cut out a lot of middleman





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              Hi Dudley,


              Thanks for you reply!


              I have tried this on my home computer and everything was fast and okay. And this one has the same browser. If it would be because of the different firewall, I think it would completly disable the text editor.


              Actually I have noticed slowness when I edited my RoadTest application also. So it appears everywhere I guess.


              Here is another thing that can be in connection with all this: the browser is loading continously on every pages of the site. So when I try to refresh the page while it is loading the text editor I have to stop loading the page and only after that I can refresh the page so it doesn't help. When I wait the page to be loaded (there are no missing parts, it is just loading something) everything works fine. With Chrome everything is okay (so it is against the firewall-theory).


              And finally I have visited other Jive-based sites and I have not experienced this countinous page-loading problem.


              I am not familiar with firefox dev tools, the only thing I know about it is that when I hit one of the function buttons accidentally the developer window appears. I think we should not invest more energy to investigate this I will use chrome instead. I don't wanna rob your time.