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    QEMU - Deep Dive


      I have written a blog post detailing the QEMU environment available from Xilinx.



        • QEMU - Deep Dive

          Hi zynqgeek,

          This is really very well done, thanks for putting this together!


          • Two questions from the blog:

            Two questions from the blog:

            (1) QEMU Xilinx ARM emulate NEON Instruction ?
            (2) QEMU Xilinx ARM emulate double precision FPU ?

            If you dive into the source code of qemu, specifically within the qemu git repo here:


            within the target-arm folder there is a file called translate.c.  Within this file there is a function called disas_neon_data_insn().  This handles the NEON instruction decoding.

            As for the double precision, I see no reason why it would not, as the ARM emulation should be operationally equivalent.

            I have a post about linpack performance on the Zedboard, I'll see if I can write a quick follow up about the performance in qemu - that will confirm the double precision float using the NEON core.