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    FSBL not working




      I am trying to run a standalone application on Mini-ITX Z7100. The application works fine when I program the board using JTAG via SDK. However, when I try to create a boot image and load it via SD card or Flash, the performance degrades. Performance is measured both on the board itself and external timer from host.


      The application elf and bitstream are the same in both cases. I am using FSBL from example provide here ( http://zedboard.org/support/design/2056/17 ) for embedded standalone OS. I tried creating my own FSBL using basic guidelines i-e providing hardware definition and using FSBL template in SDK, but that FSBL does not work. The boot image neither loads the ARM application nor configures the FPGA bitstream when loaded via SD card.


      Any help as to why the performance is being degraded or why the self built FSBL is not working will be appreciated.


        • 1) Which version of the tool

          1) Which version of the tool are you using?

          2) Are you using Avnet provided Board Definition Files to generate your hardware platform? In order to boot from SD card or QSPI Flash, these interfaces must be enabled and set for max performance in the PS Configuration Wizard (Avnet Board Definition Files will take care of this for you). Does your hardware platform enble these interfaces when generatiing your own FSBL?

            • Thanks for the reply.

              Thanks for the reply.

              The hardware files were provided by a partner and were generated using Vivado 2015.3. I asked and they said they did use the Board Definition Files from Avnet ( http://zedboard.org/support/documentation/2056 ) for the 2015.3+ version.


              I have tried both SDK 2015.4 and 2016.4 to genearte FSBL and bootimage. Do I still need to enable SD card interface if the hardware files were generated using  Avnet Board Definition Files? Can I set/check the SD card performance to maximum after the hardware platform has been created? 

                • If the Board Definition Files

                  If the Board Definition Files were used to generate the hardware platform, you should not need to make any changes to the hardware platform with the exception of the QSPI interface. By defualt, the QSPI mode is not set to the dual-parallel mode and you need to make changes in the PS Configuration Wizard to set the mode to dual-paralel. Be sure to Export the hardware to SDK and generate a new FSBL after making this change. The PDF provided with the Avnet Board Definition FIles describes how to set the QSPI mode to dual-parallel.

                  Have you tried the QSPI and SD card boot images from the Avnet Embedded Standalone OS example design?