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    Zynq intro/ LAb 3 "Error detect phy"



      I have a problem with Lab3 and was wondering if someone could help me please. I keep running in this error in Lab3/ Peripheral Test: "Error detect phy"

      the full output when launchig that test is:

      ---Entering main---

      Running ScuGicSelfTestExample() for ps7_scugic_0...
      ScuGicSelfTestExample PASSED
      ScuGic Interrupt Setup PASSED

      Running Interrupt Test  for ps7_ethernet_0...
      Error detect phy

      there is nothing happening afterwards.

      i also tested this with the solution to lab 3 and there is the same error message and the exact same behaviour. Could someone please tell me waht is going on? is my board broken or is this another problem?

      I'm running Xilinx 14.4 toolchain.


        • what was the problem?

          thanks for your quick reply, it is working now.

          But if I understand this rght what i did now is overwriting my own peripheral config with a premade one, right? how can i find out what was wrong with my own config?

          • Same Problem in Lab3

            I'm also using Xilinx ISE 14.4 and running the Zynq Intro.
            Just like you, I am getting the same problem with the peripheral tests on Lab3

            The Hello World and Memory tests work. However Peripheral test fails on the Ethernet with the message:
            *Running Interrupt Test  for ps7_ethernet_0...
            *Error detect phy
            and stops there.

            If I comment out this Ethernet test from the main, all the remaining tests complete with PASSED, except for the QPSI test:
            *Running QspiSelfTestExample() for ps7_qspi_0...
            *QspiPsSelfTestExample FAILED

            I tried many things, including using the backup Lab3, rebooting, various builds, and removing other applications, all without success.
            I will now try the proposed fix above, that I just found.

              • Works Now!

                I sure wish I knew why. This approach failed 20 times for me yesterday in every variation. Today, I just started up PlanAhead from the ISE command line, went to SDK by the "Export Hardware for SDK" and this time I just selected Launch SDK and unselected "Export Hardware". In SDK, I selected the peripheral_tests_0 and from the RMB selected "Run As | Launch on Hardware".

                Two peripherals that didn't work yesterday now test fine:

                Running Interrupt Test  for ps7_ethernet_0...
                EmacPsDmaIntrExample PASSED

                Running QspiSelfTestExample() for ps7_qspi_0...
                QspiPsSelfTestExample PASSED

                Maybe the overnight reboot of my computer, as well as power off the zedboard is what helped? I'd test cycled the power on the zedboard in my earlier fails, so maybe it was my computer reboot somehow? Very puzzled as to why it works now.

              • same problem with Vivado 2013.2

                I'm try to run the labs using Vivado and I'm having the same problem. I've already imported the preset configuration for the zedboard, but I still have the "Error detect phy" message

                • I had the same problem, but

                  I had the same problem, but after power cycling the zedboard it worked fine ;)

                  • power cycling worked for me too

                    Me TOO, same problem and same solution