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    VCCAUX_IO Value


      I'm designing my own baseboard for an Zynq MMP (AES-MMP-7Z045-G). 

      Now I'm wondering, why the documentation for the MMP as well as for the BB2 use 2.0V as VCCAUX_IO. When implementing the reference design in Vivado using the board definition files "AES-MMP-7Z045-G-Board_Definition_Files_Vivado_2015_3_v1" provided by Avnet, the design prescribes 1.8V for VCCAUX_IO in the "Power Supply Summary"

      From the documentation of the Zynq 7045 I also cannot find why 2.0V should be applied here, as the DDR3 runs with only 533 MHz, which is supported with 1.8V if I read Table 53 in DS191 correctly.

      Therefore, I would think I should apply 1.8V to JX1-116?

      Any comment or explanation is highly appreciated.