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    Send data between two Minizeds.


      Hello guys,



      I am a beginner in using the Zynq device and I am trying to perform data transfer between two Minized boards. Could anyone point me some material so that I can have a basis on this subject.

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          Hi Alison, let's talk about the kind, frequency, volume and time requirements for transferring data between zed boards.

          The type of data (such as sensor readings, program execution commands, voice or video streams, etc) you want to send will help determine how the transfer is done.

          The volume, frequency and time requirements will also affect the method as well as the media.

          If you want to look into a fairly technical introduction to transferring data between zedboards, have a look at this 5 video series on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBujI5d3DKM .  The creator of that series is well-known in the Xilinx community and it's worth a look.  In particular the 4th video will show how connections are made, but you should start with the first and see all 5.  Be aware that he is using different boards and the interfaces he discusses might not be the best fit to your needs, but you should be able to adapt what he demonstrates.

          Please reply and provide more details about your project.

          Good luck with it