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    What should we run as the next 'Design Challenge Competition' ? Give us your suggestions!

    Christopher Stanton

      Hey everyone,


      What should we run as the next Design Challenge using Raspberry Pi?


      There have been a number of these competitions over the years, ideally resulting in a prototype that could go to production - though some are, frankly, just for fun at demonstrating the products that we sell. Still, we want something that invites you to create something either with products you have or products we give you to make a project that ideally makes a difference.


      We're looking for Raspberry Pi Design Challenge ideas this time. We've had a few of these in the past:


      Pi Chef Design Challenge

      Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge

      Pi IoT

      Sci Fi Your Pi

      Forget Me Not Design Challenge

      Rocking Raspberry Pi

      Pi NoIR and Catch Santa Challenge


      After some suggestions have been made we may have a poll to choose the one we go with and you'll probably get a badge for helping out