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    Use of Lascar PanelPilotACE for Touchscreen Control Panel

    PanelPilot .

      Hi Guys


      PanelPilotACE Dev Kit


      Just wondered if anyone has been using our PanelPilotACE as a touchscreen control panel, perhaps in an industrial automation project, or perhaps in another project where touchscreen control is needed. If so, do you have any feedback for us?


      For those of you who don't know, PanelPilotACE offers a way to rapidly develop a touchscreen interface, without having to code from scratch. Instead, there's Windows software which offers a drag and drop design experience for you to create your interface. The product has lots of I/O, both analogue and digital, and there's a development kit version which allows easy testing of your interface before you integrate it into a machine.


      For more info, see the products on the Farnell website: SGD 70-A and SGD 70-A DK+ dev kit.

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          Tony Beck

          I am a systems engineer working in a factory in the UK..... I have come across the PanelPilot displays in the past - although only the basic models, but unfortunately have not used one yet.  I do think they look great though!


          It's great that they have multiple digital I/O and 4-20mA compatible analogue inputs together with comms interfaces.  They would certainly modernise some of our older control panels!


          I see they support Modbus aswell - which I would find extremely useful on some projects.


          I would love to see one of the development kits on here for a RoadTest.  I would certainly apply.





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              PanelPilot .

              Thanks for your comments. Yes, PanelPilotACE is pretty good for I/O. Hardware interfaces include four 16bit bi-polar analogue inputs (to a maximum of ±40V d.c.), eight digital input/output pins, two alarm outputs and four 8bit PWM outputs.


              Thanks for your suggestion of a RoadTest. It's something we may consider in future, but for now we hope to be a bit more active on the forums. If anyone has any further questions about PanelPilotACE, feel free to ask.