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        Hi Mate,

        As an industrial sparky, I'm always looking at getting a job done in extreme situations in the quickest time possible. Almost all these tools would be amazing in my growing arsenal of "quick response" tools. At the moment I have a tool bag that I need to carry around that has my immediate tools. Which is where the Milwaukee shockwave set would come in handy to sit next to my Milwaukee 12v impact driver. Some times when I have left my bag at a job to go and grab materials I need a knife, a driver, pliers or another tool to open a box or check terminals on a motor. This is where the Leatherman would be perfect and I would be able to run it to it's limits.

        The zyklop mini series I can use in all the tiny boxes and tight spaces that have to get into just to get a machine running again.

        The capacitor tester would be perfect for testing run and start capacitors on single phase motors that use to see and check which one has blown.

        And finally the PC tool kit, probably not in my area of expertise but there are occasions when we need to pull apart small circuit boards and check inside scales, computers, ups etc.

        I'd be more than happy to write a detailed review for you after I've put any one of these tools to the test. And happy to go the extra mile to make sure I go to there limits.

        Anything that I can add to my bag to get the job done in a better manner is always a win.

        Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all the entries.



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          Hey Randall,


          I'm all about the Milwaukee impact driver set.  My folks have the family flying out to visit soon and we've got 2 bathrooms ripped apart.  My mom is being a trooper having to walk up the stairs to use the restroom since she is disabled.   I'm helping my dad do complete renovations on them as fast as possible, but there was a lot of damage to the subfloor from previous work being done wrong.  Since my dad is a retired Air Force electrical engineer we really overdo the renovations to way past code, which comes in handy when riding out hurricanes here in south Texas.  I find I use the heck out of my Porter cable impact driver and the whole 20v 8 piece tool set.  I probably use the impact driver the most and it's funnest* tool to in the bag.  It just sounds like work when it's hammering away.  I find I need hearing protection for this.  I'm currently rebuilding my tool collection with limited funds because of being burglarized at my house.  I have many more remodels todo and I'd love a chance to try these out.  I've sheered dewalt torx bits in 2 before so I want to see how these stack up.  Thanks for your consideration.


          Brady Bowers

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            Hi Randall,


            I would like to test the Peak LCR meter and a nice PCB holder stand.





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              I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but I've decided to take up color-coding drill bits : )

              I'm using redred and green marker pensgreen marker pens, since they are the most popular fractional parts that I use. As per the resistor color code, I'll use red paint (red=2) for an X.2mm drill bit, and green=5 paint for a X.5mm bit.

              Therefore, the photo shows an 8.5mm drill bit in my 8.Xmm storage bin.

              I'm painting close to the flutes (so the marker paint doesn't wear off on the chuck) and painting at the end of it too.

              It would be cool to paint the entire value using multiple color bands, but just maybe that's taking it too far : )

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                Cool idea. The color code is burned into my brain.

                Of course I use mostly English drills - not so amenable to color coding.

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                  Ahh you're right.. not as easy then : (

                  I needed a 7/32" hex bit a couple of weeks ago, and even the large DIY stores here don't stock the English sizes at all : (

                  They have L sets (allen keys) but I can't get as much torque out of that compared to a bit in a ratchet driver, and the bolt was really stiff.


                  In the end, I bought a cheap 6mm bit, put it in the vise, and filed the six surfaces down! Since 7/32" is 5.5mm.

                  It worked, so now I do have a 7/32" bit : )

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                    If you happen to own color coded tools maybe you can try matching their colors -at least for the values they have available-. I own few color coded Wera tools and I think shabaz idea is excellent for drill bits.



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                      You might be able to use a three color code, which is similar to the resistor code, two colors for the value and one for the multiplier (negative powers of two).  This would be Black/Violet/Green (or would it Violet/Black/Green?) for 7/32, or 7 * 2 **-5.


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                        That's really cool! I'd not seen such tools before. Really interesting : )

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                          That's a really clever idea, using a color band for the powers of 2!

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                            Never thought of color coding my tools, but I can see the advantage.



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                              Couldn't you just buy stronger glasses to see the marking on the shank?


                              Mine all sit in holders, so I haven't had the issue of multiple drill before, but marking them is one way.



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                                my most used tool has to be the good old trusted digital multi meter, of the top of my head I can not think of a project where it wasn't needed one way or another.

                                not forgetting my trusty needle nose pliers, nuts bolts screws wires eprom, there uses are endless

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