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    How to solve the error : Part has only 1 gate: U$1




      I'm new to using the Eagle software and I'm trying to design a control card for stepper motor and servo motor using a raspberry card on Eagle software.


      The first problem is the errors that the software indicates, whereas for me, they are not errors because these pins are not connected in my original schema.


      I checked others people questions on different forums with similar problems and professionals indicated that we should use the "invoke command" and connect the unconnected since Eagle works that way but when i apply that method, i get this message : "Part has only 1 gate: U$1"


      The device that keeps showing me this error is " Polulu stepper driver based on the A4983" , i downloaded this device since i'm working with DRV8825 and it has the same design.


      The second problem is when i switch from schematic to PCB design, The connection on this A4983 changes.


      I don't know what's wrong with my design or what steps should i take to avoid this ? I have included 3 images : the design schema, the error and the connection route switch


      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and answering it