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      Original Volunteer to Judge discussion was accidentally removed!  Here is a list of projects for archival use.


      The Projects:


      Smart Shopping Bag by anupash.1002 :


      Smart Shopping Bag







      Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1 by milosrasic98 :


      Smart Bluetooth Gloves



      ledog - Light Emitting Dog by 14rhb:


      ledog - Light Emitting Dog



      UV Exposure Badge by Workshopshed:


      UV Exposure Badge



      The Thinking Cap by ntewinkel:


      The Thinking Cap



      Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle by vlasov01:


      Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle


      Rewritable Electronic Display Name Tag  by snidhi:


      Rewritable Electronic Display Name Tag


      'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch by dixonselvan :


      'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch


      Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech! by vimarsh_:


      Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech!