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    Access Denied on Newark Store Server


      Have I been banned from shopping at Element14 Store?

      When selecting the link, another page will open with access denied message.


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "http://www.newark.com/?" on this server.



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          Dudley Nelson

          There should be a code on that page, can you include it and I'll investigate (on Monday)

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              Dudley Nelson

              While I'm not responsible for the store sites - we've had several people complain about getting 401 pages with an access denied message. I've been trying to reproduce this in house and I've been talking with people here to try to get it resolved.


              While it's not true for everyone, some people have reported that it works if they remove/whitelist any adblock and/or privacy extensions they had on their browser that this can sometimes clear all the problems.


              I am not saying that's an acceptable workaround - I use PrivacyBadger at home and I don't feel it's acceptable to have to disable it just to get to a page. What I am saying tho is that if you disable your privacy/adblock extensions and it does suddenly start working - let me know so I can pass that on to the teams responsible? And what extensions they actually are would be very useful data.


              Lastly, if you can pass me the code that was included in that access denied page, I can look up and see if there is anything specific about your setup that is causing the issue. The code should be in the format : #9.6f64d440.1318965461.2f2b078

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                  Thanks for the response. Reference #18.85ee2e17.1540564048.1f790db

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                      To <someone at Newark / elenment14>:


                      I have been attempting to purchase several items via your website, but I keep getting the following error message:


                      You don't have permission to access "http://www.newark.com/" on this server

                      Reference #18.288901cc.1546803549.bb8bb5b


                      This error occurs even at the root /home web page.  What is your server doing? I do not have problems with any other electronics web store, or any major e-retailer for that matter.


                      If I cannot get an answer to this problem by Tuesday 01/08/2019, I will need to spend my money elsewhere.

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                      I have experienced the exact same failure.


                      From a google search result from a product number, I can follow the link to the newark product page. But any attempt to navigate on the newark page, or even reload it, or even back all the way out to the google results and follow the link again, lead directly to the "access denied" page. I do not seem to be able to visit newark pages again at all without exiting and restarting the browser.


                      I am using Firefox, with the uMatrix extension for protection. Even for most web sites that fail to function gracefully under JavaScript protections, the uMatrix UI normally makes it easy to drop a few protections and reload a page successfully.


                      In the case of the newark site, I was never (after quite an inordinate time trying) able to find settings to successfully reload the page. I have been able to avoid the "access denied" only by editing the uMatrix config to completely drop all protection at the domain newark.com, and doing so in a freshly-started browser before visiting the site.


                      ... and I am glad to read that you understand why that's unacceptable. The site may be the worst example of failing to function gracefully that I have seen anywhere.

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                    I am experiencing the same issues as the other posters and have dealt with it on Newark's site in the past (2018).

                      In all occurrences, I was attempting to purchase production parts and materials, offered by Newark at better total price than other popular sites, or only available through Newark.

                    Very off-putting to say the least.(grumble...).


                    Mozilla Firefox v64.0 with NoScript 10.2.1

                    Primary Newark url,s set as trusted, advertising and data collecting urls temporarily allowed.

                    In every other case (similar retail sites), the above conditions would allow at least some amount of page reload and functionality.


                    (please fix, I still would like to exchange internationally accepted monetary units for physical products,.....thank you)