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    Running Snips with Matrix Creator and Raspberry Pi


      I am making voice automation project for Home Automation in Project14 ,using Snips on Matrix Creator and Raspberry Pi.Need help in interfracing them in my project using snips for voice .Wondering how to reply through voice using Snips? Idea is written below(or you can view it in comments of Project14 | Give Your Habitat a Personality Using Home Automation!),any help is welcomed.



      Home automation , who doesn't like to have their house automated , but automating our house ourself is much more exciting!


      My idea is to create a home automation system for our houses using the Matrix Creator board and raspberry pi 3A+ as they would be helpful for providing the power to run home automation system with voice assistant  in a very small form factor. The Matrix Creator board will help to make my project more better with voice recognition , as it has inbuit voice input and output and sensors for the required information to make our home automation based on iot.

      This project would have the automation system with a voice control and it would help to control our appliances in house just with a voice command, which would be taken using the Matrix Creator board and raspberry pi 3A+  this would help us do control locally without internet using Snips  and if internet is available it would use the Google assistant API of Google for voice recognition .The voice input and output would take place using the Matrix Creator board along with raspberry pi. It would help us automate our home with voice and even help us as a personal voice assistant.It control all our electric appliances using relay and this system and run it without internet also.It would allow us to control appliances using voice command and even over internet using blynk or node red and IFTTT.

      This project would have a feature of detecting any sort of problem in our house  like  fire , gas leakage, short circuit ,etc using different sensor like ir , lpg gas sensor (mq-6) , etc and even camera  and guide us during such a situation and even notify us on our phone via blynk or node red and even  tell us what to through the speaker and help us accordingly .It would even contact the nearest help along with our location.

      For eg if it detects gas leakage it would tell us "to check the gas pipe " and "turn off the gas mains" , and if fire is detected it would tell us how  to use fire extinguisher and even turn of the electricity as required to prevent spread of fire and even notify fire station.


      This project would thus automate our house using voice and even help us in problematic situations.


      I would like to build this project after 20th February when my exams our over and have fun automating my house.


      Aabhas Senapati