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    Why are Digi-Key supplier links not working anymore


      Sometime in the last few weeks Digi-Key supplier links have stopped working in Circuit Studio.


      Here is the error message that I get when I try and create a supplier link to a component using Digi-Key as the only enabled supplier:



      I checked my settings in System Preferences --> Data Management --> Suppliers and noticed that there were some text entry dialogues for me to input sign-in credentials for Digi-Key, so I put in my credentials.  I should note that I have never input my credentials in the past and in the past Digi-Key supplier links were working.


      I restarted CS after updating credentials but still no luck.


      I uninstalled the Digi-Key supplier, restarted CS, reinstalled the Digi-Key supplier, restarted CS again, but still doesn't work.


      Mouser seems to work.