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    Some 'Mentioned You's are totally missing, and some are only in the 'Filtered' inbox view




      As I understand the system, if someone types (say) dudley.nelson then that person gets an alert in their inbox.

      That's how I remember it, but recently I'm not seeing some of these alerts : ( 

      This is what my inbox looks like currently (unfiltered view), I've just grabbed this screenshot at 15th March, 04.00am UK (I've partially hidden names so as not to violate any privacy since this is visible to non-logged-on users):

      I see no "Mentioned you" at all : ( but looking at some discussion posts, there are references to shabaz e.g. at Pi Day 2019 - Competition and Pi Day Badge :

      That was on March 14th, but I don't see that appear in my inbox.


      Another interesting thing is that if I filter my inbox to see "Mentions" only, then I still do not see that one, but a different one appears! In the screenshot below you can see that one by three-phase is present (highlighted in red), indicated as 8 hours ago. But it is not in the unfiltered view (the first screenshot).


      Is anyone else seeing "Mentioned You" inconsistencies?





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          Hi Shabaz,


          I'm not sure if this could be an explanation, but what I noticed is that when I get a mention, the "Someone mentioned..." message appears in the inbox, but then if any further notification of activity on the same thread arrives, the message disappears, replaced by the latest message of the thread. On this latest message though I notice a "@" prepended, which I think might mean that somewhere in the thread you are "mentioned".



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              Dudley Nelson

              Hi shabaz


              I must admit that I don't know the inbox functionality as well as I should. It's a bit of a rats nest of code that I don't touch unless I absolutely have to.


              I also don't use the inbox nearly as much as I should. I'm aware that it's a real boon to those that use the site a lot, but I prefer to have community notify me by email (thus dragging me in kicking and screaming) than waiting for me to sign in and check what people have drawn my attention to. But that's because that way of working works better for me - I'm not a standard user. But because I don't use the inbox a lot, I'm not the best person to ask about how it *should* be working. You being one of our more popular members and an active user of the site, I'd be trusting your word more than I would my own, because you use the inbox more than I do. So if you say there are inconsistencies, then I suspect you are correct. And it certainly looks like you're correct - I'd agree that it doesn't look right and breaks the path of least astonishment.


              However, gecoz is also correct - there is code that merges inbox notifications together. In your messages case, I will have been notified about it through many streams - I am following your user, I am following the F&S community, and you mentioned me, so that's three separate notifications. Those three notifications have turned into two emails and one inbox entry. There is code that will merge notifications together - and I cannot help but wonder if that's what has happened here. I wonder if the @mention from three-phase and the @mention from e14Phil, both on the same topic and both within a 24 hour period, have merged into a single notification.


              I'm sure you'll reply, can you @mention me on your reply and I'll see if the two @mentions merge into one in my inbox. Or even better - if someone else could on this topic (I'm going to get loads now, I just know it! )



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              (Comment added with no @ mentions, to see if it merges some notifications for Dudley and Fabio).

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                Dudley Nelson



                This was my before.



                This is now.



                And this is my email view sorted by date (I've deleted some mails for confidentiality reasons)



                The weird thing is that now according to my inbox, nobody has mentioned me at all. I'm not entirely sure that's right.


                Changing it to a mentions only view gives me this.



                However, I know I was mentioned several times between yesterday and two weeks ago. We had lots of drama mid-week and a quick view of my email proves that.



                I would expect to see the mention from 14rhb from mail icon shows a minus on the Activity / Recent activity screen. That's been overwritten by a mention later on Thursday.


                I think it's working as designed, but the design isn't immediately intuitive. I can raise a ticket if you want?

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                    Hi Dudley!


                    Perhaps it could be a low-pri feature request, to re-examine the behaviour if anyone has spare cycles or an intern : ) Personally I think a @ mention should always appear permanently in the inbox, otherwise some context is lost if it gets overwritten (i.e. users may just respond more slowly to inbox updates that are not explicitly signalled to them with an @ mention). Actually Jive is missing an opportunity, it should include some fancy widget for @ mentions, because that would be super-useful, e.g. some alert that appears on the screen or on the right side, some list that updates as @ mentions occur (filterable for just you, or all @ mentions, because it is nice to see other peoples conversations occurring too, and would encourage users to search around and see what the conversations are about!).

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                    My email box seems to be working opposite from how gecoz has described


                    First from shabaz for this thread and the second from dixonselvan on his Alexa thread.




                    This thread appears to have had updates after the @mention and is present in my inbox, the @mention from Dixon is not present, unless it was overwritten when he marked the comment as helpful?


                    If I filter for mentions, then both are present




                    Kind regards

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                        Hi Donald,


                        That's interesting... I cannot figure out the logic behind the system.. there could be a bug or two causing our findings to be inconsistent : (

                        From my understanding of how this feature could be used, the behaviour I'd personally like is for a @ mention to always be present in the inbox (filtered and unfiltered views) regardless of future messages on the same thread, but others may feel different.

                        In the past I was confident the inbox was working in the way I thought it behaved, but now I'm having to check in a 'filtered mention' view too, to see if it reveals anything I missed in the unfiltered inbox view : (

                        It might be good if this was made into a feature request, because eventually the functionality could be reused, perhaps say to have a @ mention widget on the page (to save even having to go into the inbox for that.. like a small pre-filtered inbox widget I suppose!).

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                            Dudley Nelson

                            I quite like the idea of a widget, we can knock up widgets without too much difficulty and as long as we know what we're doing, we can easily throw something together.


                            Where would you put it?

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                                Hi Dudley,


                                That's awesome! And good question.. The right side could be handy, I guess it could go anywhere there, it could be the last one there, and anyone scrolling down will see it.

                                If you're considering the horizontal area, it could look like this (this is only a half-cooked idea : ) needs full baking...

                                I think it could be useful because even if someone doesn't visit certain spaces, they get to see what mentioned activities they are missing, in a single line (in the hope that where people are mentioning others, then those topics could be interesting, or if people want to see what others are involved in).

                                Maybe it looks too busy with all the names and icons though.. not sure.

                                Also, the horizontal widget has the disadvantage that it wouldn't look right if you're already in a space maybe? (If such a widget would appear there too). Anyway, the ideas below show it horizontally for now, but could be reworked for vertical.

                                The above shows some variations ideas..  variations B and C require more room on the screen though : (

                                Variation C dispenses with too many graphics, and swaps around the space name, and the users.

                                Regarding the red labels:

                                1. Clicking on "Mentions" could bring up the user inbox filtered to mentions.

                                2. Clicking on the graphic icon could bring up the specific page, maybe moved to the correct comment if it is in a comment. Also, maybe hovering over it shows the name of the discussion/blog

                                3. Clicking on a name would be normal behaviour when a name is clicked

                                4. Long names may need truncation for this style perhaps

                                5. By default the checkbox could be unchecked (so that even newcomers with no Mentions still see what other Mentions are occurring on the site), but when the user checks it, then they see filtered Mentions that only refer to them

                                6. Clicking on the space name should go to the space overall, although with the variation C, maybe it should go to the discussion, although that could be considered unintuitive.. maybe for variation C, clicking on it still goes to the space overall, but hovering over it shows the particular discussion/blog title, and clicking on the hovering title would go to the specific discussion/blog.

                                Anyway as mentioned these are just half-baked ideas so far.. I think such a widget could encourage interactivity though.

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                            Another interesting @ mention thing just to add to the list for when the mentions functionality is examined:


                            In the filtered inbox view for @ mentions, I see many entries with the text "mentioned you in", but some entries say "mentioned in".

                            The "mentioned in" sentence doesn't make sense, so I'm not sure what those entries mean.

                            For example:

                            Should it mean "commented in"? If so, I don't think it should be in the filtered mention view of the inbox. But if it means someone else was mentioned, maybe the sentence fragment should say "mentioned someone in", or the name of the person, e.g. "mentioned bob in".


                            The weird thing is, I only see "mentioned in" recently. In the past (the inbox only goes back 6 months : (  I don't see it much. Here is my entire "mentioned" filtered view for the 6 months, and I've boxed in red all references to "mentioned in". They only appear in the past month, and briefly 3 months ago. I just thought it odd, I'll revisit in a few months to see if these red boxed items shift down, or if they get replaced out.

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                                Dudley Nelson

                                I think you definitely win tallest screenshot of the year award


                                I don't read that as commented in - I read that as "Dudley Nelson *was* mentioned in"... So in other words, you've followed me, somebody (else) mentioned me, and you are being told about that. Tricky to investigate because the message that refers to : Low-pri code editing bugs, and Syntax Highlighting enhancement request - you started it, you mentioned me, I mentioned you back, and because it's merging all those notifications together, who knows which of the many notifications it's deciding to show you at this point.


                                I'm a lurker at heart on the internet. I say this only because even though my paycheck has dragged me clicking and screaming out of my lurker closet, I continue to embrace many lurker habits that I've honed over the years, and one of those is to follow lots and lots of people. And in my entire backlog, including in email, I don't see a single "mentioned in". Or at least, I don't think I do; there are quite a few emails I have from colleagues saying something like "as mentioned in the meeting...."


                                Have you still got that image in an uncensored form? I get why you've censored it, any chance you can PM or email it to me in uncensored form? I want to see if I can track down one where you didn't get involved in the conversation

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