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    us say some 20 metres


      why the distance of bluetooth is short and what makes it so and how can the distance be increase let

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          Bluetooth is designed for low power which of course influences range.  The distance achieved will depend on the Bluetooth standard (there are different power classes) and device used, antennas, conditions between them (i.e. direct line of sight or obstacles), and other factors.  The key here is that it is low power and not designed for long range.  There are other options such as LoRa that offer longer range at low power at the cost of bandwidth (i.e. reduced data transmission rate).  And still others that offer higher bandwidth at the cost of power.

          There are lots of additional sources of information on Bluetooth.  You might start with this Element14 Essentials post: https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-87649/l/element14-essentials-wireless-protocol-i



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            Hi Edward,


            Lots of factors are responsible for this, including location of the devices. It's not possible to easily extend the range without breaking the standard, or impractical attempts at modifying antennas (it's not feasible to do it easily without test equipment).

            See here for detailed reasoning:


            There's even a spreadsheet there to estimate distances, to get a ballpark figure.

            The solution is not to use classic Bluetooth, and instead use a BLE device (Bluetooth Low Energy), or some other wireless protocol.

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