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    Heads Up: Experiment with some Polymer Capacitors and You may Win a Keysight O'Scope


      I have been talking up polymer capacitors on the community for the last few months.


      I first started with a quiz: Polymer Capacitor Quiz   Plenty of members joined in and took the quiz. I think they learned something in the process. I surely did, writing the quiz. I think we handed out 40 or so T-shirts to those members who scored 100%.


      Then when produced two polymer capacitor videos with the help of VCP baldengineer and element14 presents. If you haven't watched them, by all means, please do. They are informative and enjoyable way to learn about polymers.


      I have a webinar in the works, called Designing Circuits with Polymer Capacitors. It will dig into circuit design using polymers. Should be interesting. Hopefully it will appear in May. Stay tuned to the Webinars, Training and Events group.


      But right now (meaning TODAY) we launched a special kind of Design Challenges . It's called Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors. Let me tell you about it.


      This is a different kind of Design challenge, which the element14 team, sometimes calls a "mini-challenge." In this challenge, we are looking for our members to experiment with polymer capacitors in any way they desire. I'm sure there will be a few people who build or modify circuits with polymers. I think others could breadboard basic circuits with polymers. Given the fascination with soldering on the community, some members could experiment with soldering polymers (and produce some videos or their feat). I'm sure there are many other ways you can work with polymer capacitors that will be a learning experience.


      What will you get for your efforts?


      First off, ANYONE can play in this challenge. All you need to do is include at least 1 capacitor from the official kit, write 2 blogs, and you are in the running for a brand new Keysight O'scope.


      Our judges will select the best blog that details the experiments and shares what they learned about polymers. It's that simple.


      If you want to compete for a free Capacitor Kit + Tester, complete an application.


      To learn more, please go to here: Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors


      Randall Scasny

      -element14 team