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    Info and Experience with Hakko 951 Clones?


      I am a beginner concerning the subject of thermostatic soldering irons. 


      Had thought would buy a basic non thermostatic controlled soldering iron as mentioned in "Inexpensive Soldering Iron?" https://www.element14.com/community/message/273786/l/re-inexpensive-soldering-iron#273786  but since reading the comments and searching the Internet have decided against this.


      An unexpected finding was new soldering iron technology like the Hakko 951.  While the 951 is way over my budget, am wondering about its clones for light use (mainly upgrading bad caps).


      Appreciate any comments concerning either this new tech or experience with either the Hakko 951 or its clones.





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          I use an old Hakko 936 - this has been my main workhorse iron for 15 years and I like it.

          I have an Aoyue 906 which would seem to "borrow"  a lot from Hakko. I bought it because it includes a hot air pencil as well as an iron and it was cheap. The iron wore out pretty quickly, although I still use the hot air part of it all the time.

          I buy and use lots of cheap tools as well as name brand tools. You need to inspect the cheap tools (and the expensive tools) as best you can because the quality is a bigger risk and you need to factor in that they may not last as long or perform as well.

          Would I buy a cheap iron? Maybe if it had all the features I wanted and enough trustable good reviews, but my experience with really cheap ($12) temperature controlled irons has not been good so far. I bought one which sounded too good to be true....and it was. The plastic grip holding the hot iron just melted, making the iron mechanically uncontrollable.

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