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    Microzed Loading Encrypted Bitstream



      I am attempting to load an encrypted bitstream onto my microzed board (xc7z020) using vivado hardware manager. I am using BRAM to store the key currently want to get this working before moving to EFUSE. However I am running into some problems, I can load a non-encrypted bitstream just find and loading the key with hardware manager seems to be very simple. When I try to load the encrypted bitstream i get the following error "ERROR: [Labtools 27-3165] End of startup status: LOW"  I am using Vivado 2016.4 if that makes a difference.


      I have seen many guides that set some constraints in the .xdc file in vivado to generate the AESKey and the bitstream but I do not have that setting when i select Implemented -> bitstream Settings


      I am generating the encrypted bitstream doing the following steps:

      1) Create the following .bif file



      image: {

           [aeskeyfile] aeskey.nky

           [encryption=aes] zedboard.bit



      2) run the following command "bootgen -image encryptbitstream.bif -o zedEncrypt.mcs -encrypt bbram -p xc7z020 -w -process_bitstream bin

           a) this creates the following files: zedboard.bit.bin, zedEncrypt.mcs, and aeskey.nky


      3) using Hardware Manager connect to zedboard

           a) Right click select "Program BBR Key..." browse to "aeskey.nky" select and program

           b) Select "Program Device" browse to zedboard.bit.bin and program


      I would expect this to work and not throw an error if anyone sees a problem with how I am doing this please let me know