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    Would You Like to Win a Keysight Technologies Digital Oscilloscope (DS0X1102G)?


      I am running a contest called "Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors." The grand prize is a Keysight Digital Oscilloscope:




      What do you have to do?


      If you know anything about capacitors, how they work, and how to build basic circuits, this contest is for you.


      All you need to do is create an experiment with polymer capacitors, write 2 blogs and you are in the running for this o'scope.




      We are giving away 5 capacitor kits along with a cap tester: https://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-92091/l/experimenting-with-polymer-capacitors-about-the-competition?ICID=ex…




      To learn more about the competition, click and go here: Experimenting with Polymer Capacitors