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    Are You Doing Blockchain Development? Tell Us About It


      I have been to three developer conferences/forums over the past year, and I'd say the blockchain sessions for all of them were standing room only. Given the amount of questions posed by the attendees it's a hot topic. I'd say blockchain is still a work in progress for as far as a broad scale adoption.


      I haven't seen that many articles yet on blockchain in the element14 community, although some of my Ultra96  Avnet Ultra96 Dev Board applicants mentioned blockchain development in their applications. I am quite intrigued by the promise blockchain has for the security of IoT solutions or general business application development .I've read some interesting articles on FPGA mining (versus ASIC). Specifically, FPGA efficiency and lower power consumption.


      So, have you been playing around with blockchain?


      What are you developing (e.g., open ledger, mining, etc.) Are you doing it on an ASIC, GPU, FPGA? Have you used a zedboard for your experimentation?


      Drop a comment here and tell the community about your developments.