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    Atari 2600 Portable using original cartridges on a Raspberry Pi


      Hi Guys,


      After watching some recent video's I want to build my own portable Atari 2600.


      Now what I am looking to do is using a spare Model B3 I have attached to the 7" touchscreen, to make this but what I want to do is to be able to plug in the 2600 cartridge reads its contents into memory and play the game, so I dont cut up my vintage 2600 which is still in working  condition.  Plus I DO NOT want to download rom's I want to use my original cartridges.


      But I dont know where to start how do I go about connecting the cartridge to the Pi's GPIO pins, and reading the cartridge contents, and then to add, could i use retropie as the software??


      I would appreciate some pointers on what i need to read up on so i can accomplish this.


      I'm aware i'll need to use a level shifter for the 5v logic, and i'll have to bit bang the data.  but what is the best way to bit bang the data out of atari 2600 cartridge?