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    A Fabulous Recalbox console


      Hello Everyone,

      I'm here with a new project about a cheap console. It's based on a Raspberry pi B3, B3+ is not still much compatible is still in beta, Recalbox OS videogames console.

      I have made it successfully by installing an emulga software a playstation one usb joypad but some games needs a ps3 one a 32 gb sd cart class 10 and a 3d printed recalbox official case attached are the photographs designed by Sm3ck very neat case with decalcomania of recalbox over it. Have a look!

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          Recall box has a pretty big following and very nice to setup on the pi,  I used it in my project for the hack like heck competition.   you can check it out here Hack Like Heck - Wesley Gardner - The Port-A-Cade Project  The only concern I would have with that case is lack of airflow since running the emulators it does work the board pretty good at times and needs either some sort of cooling or a more metal design case to dissipate the heat.   Recalbox certainly has a cool logo.  If you haven't checked out their twitter account you will see my photos on there as well as a ton of awesome builds.

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