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    Show and hide nets/connections


      Does anyone know how to show hidden nets?


      So what I did:

      -hide all nets on placement by going to View->PCB ->Nets, select all, right click then Connections->Hide

      -But when I want to enable all of them again only a few gets shows with View->PCB->Nets, select all, right click Connection->Show


      Looks like the software is doggy.

      I can see these hidden nets in the list view (still in PCB->Nets view) that their "Un-Routed (Manhattan)(mm)" length is "0".

      the only way I found them bring back is to actually bring up the net property one-by-one (double click on the net list view) and simple press OK as the property on "hide Connection" is not ticked, once OK clicked it will show up.


      Am I doing something wrong?


      If not, then this is a bug, where can i report this?