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    HEADS UP: Announcing Upcoming RoadTest: Cypress EZ-BT™ Module Mesh Evaluation Kit


      Bluetooth mesh networking is seeing growing adoption in smart homes. It could very well become the go-to communications protocol for the potentially huge home-sweet-smart-home market. So, it was only a matter of time that element14 would roadtest a Bluetooth Mesh EVK. And, here it is: the Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-BT™ Module Mesh Evaluation Kit.


      I just got 5 kits sent to me. I opened up the shipping box and kits were protected by a lot of bubble wrap. I examined the kits.  Each kit has 4 boards and they are packaged in a plastic protective casing. The kit enables the evaluation of SIG mesh functionality using the EZ-BT Bluetooth 5.0-qualified module CYBT-213043-02.


      The CYBT-213043-02, EZ-BT module is an integrated, fully-certified, 12.0 mm x 16.61 mm x 1.70 mm, programmable dual-mode Bluetooth (BLE/BR/EDR) module with BLE mesh support designed to reduce time-to-market.


      The CYBT-213043-02 module utilizes the Cypress CYW20819 silicon device. CYW20819 is an ultra-low-power (ULP) and highly integrated dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 qualified device. The CYW20819’s low-power and integration capability addresses the requirements of both battery- and wall-powered applications that require BLE mesh, such as sensor nodes, locks, lighting, blind controllers, asset tracking, and many more Smart Home applications.


      Each mesh board includes the following:


      • CYBT-213043-02 certified module based on CYW20819
      • Sensors - Thermistor, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and PIR motion sensor
      • RGB LED
      • User switch
      • Power measurement jumper
      • Coin-cell battery holder (battery is not included in the kit)
      • Option to select between USB power and coin-cell as power source
      • On-board programmer and USB-UART bridge


      Here's a link to the getting started guide for this kit.


      So, what would you do to roadtest this kit? How would you use the benefits of bluetooth mesh networking in your home automation solutions?


      Tell me, I'd like to know! Please leave comments below.