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    Researcher on online communities in need of help


      Dear all,

      my name is Alexander Staub and I am a PhD researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business within the field of online user and open innovation communities. Together with the Professor at the institute, Christopher Lettl and an assistant Professor from Copenhagen Business School, Tom Grad we are investigating user behavior within online communities.

      I came across the element14 community quite some time ago and have followed it with interest the last few months, trying to find out more about it.

      I have also tried to get in touch with several employees. However, so far I have had no luck.

      I was wondering if anybody, preferrably a long time regular or long term employee (6-10 years) could give me some insight on how the community developed, how the users have evolved and how the sophisticated incentive system was developed and implemented.

      I'd be incredibly grateful for any help.

      All the best

      Alexander Staub