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    Modifying SDK to Use a Generic Hyperterminal




      I am  currently using the terminal window that comes with SDK 2016.4. I need use a generic hyperterminal window (such as PUTTY) on the host PC instead. This would mean modifying the SDK UART driver and possibly providing a USB-CDC driver I believe. Would anyone be able to direct me to tutorials or manuals or other material that would show me how to do this in some measure of detail? Thanks in advance.



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          Hi AC,


          It would just involve, you connecting your hardware to the 3rd party terminal instead of the SDK terminal. (assuming you setup your terminal correctly)


          I do this all the time with Tera Term.


          Am I misunderstanding your question?



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              Hi Josh,


              Thanks for your reply. The SDK terminal window runs on COM 4 and works just fine. If while it is working I bring up the other terminal (Putty) and point it to COM 4 then I get an error message ("Unable to open COM4"). Now, if I do not point the SDK terminal to COM4 but instead just download my .bit file to the Zynq and execute my C program, I can bring up Putty and point it to COM4. In this case Putty will open but the whole system is "dead." Putty does not reflect the text information that the SDK window would, the FPGA code does not go through its steps as it usually does when the pushbutton is hit, the Zynq does not accept commands from the host keyboard, etc., all because the SDK terminal window is not engaged.


              Therefore I would like the Zynq UART to respond to Putty instead of the SDK terminal window. I believe I would have to change the UART settings and enable messages to arrive through the USB which is how of course the FPGA board is connected to the host PC. So I was just looking for information on how to do this. Thanks again.