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    Is there paid help?


      We are trying to compile and add a microchip WiFi chip on this board


      and have it work with an Element14 Beaglebone black industrial.


      Industrial BeagleBone Black based on Sitara AM3358 Processor



      We have the ability to create our own boards but building a kernel and making this chip interface via SPI has turned into

      mystery that I don't have time to solve.


      So how much on average does this cost and who can get this job done.


      I tried contacting Element 14 and have not heard back. I am sure our job is just too small.


      I am exasperated after days of not getting any closer getting this to work.

      Going back to banging my head against the wall.

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          Element14 is a user community, not a company. Element14 is a part of Avnet, which is a distributor of various electronic devices.  While Element14/Avent does add value to devices that it distributes (lot of content here on user developed designs), I don't believe that they do any custom software development (like building custom kernels).


          Best of luck.

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            Have you tried the beagleboard.org forums?  There may be someone there who can help or at least point you in the right direction.   They have a Linux / kernel discussion that looks fairly active.

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              Robert, I'm not sure quite what it is you need to do.

              You say you want "add" a chip to the board and have it "work with .....", then you mention interfacing with SPI.

              Do yo plan to make a new board with the Microchip WiFi chip on it and have the OS running on the Sitara processor see the WiFi as an ethernet port,

              or do you just need to hook up the WiFi chip somehow and talk to it via an application running on the main OS.

              Will you make lots of these or just a few, why the Microchip part ?

              There are many articles on the web about using ready made WiFi adapters or dongles with BeagleBones, in either mode. This is an easy(ish) thing to do and will not require Kernel compiles.

              Integrating a WiFi chip with the BeagleBone hardware and OS is  a big task  and if you mean to sell them in EU or US will involve serious money in regulatory approvals.


              I would expect you to have to pay on the far side of $20k for a board design and software integration (much more if you go to the wrong place or choose the wring chip), prototypes and approval testing would add at least another $20k.



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                Thanks everyone for the replies. Busy morning will reply later just wanted everyone to know I appreciate the response