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    Product placement criteria... can I get the skinny?


      What is the Element14 vetting for product placements such as this posting? How to choose your ideal enclosure


      What criteria/selection process gives product distributors access to the forums provided by Element14? As I wondered through the text of this posting I was struck by the opportunity available to a vendor having access to the membership. I am by nature a glass half empty person and tend to look at negatives verses positives. A community of prevetted professionals, nice list to have.


      If I chose to tag this posting as spam, what are the implications? I'm curious and wish to gain the knowledge to better my understanding of the process. Can someone provide me links or postings that I can use to further my understanding?



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          Hi Sean,


          Just some practical/personal thoughts here as a user, others may have different opinions.. I don't know the exact details of mnfr selection, but I believe the manufacturers seem to be aware that their postings, if just marketing bluster, will be poorly received and people will comment on it (plus, the element14 staff have helped in the past when manufacturers have been community-insensitive like that, since it improves things for the manufacturer too, if they understand how to connect with engineers).


          Some method is needed to connect to engineers (because we're immune to TV ads and billboards, we're suspicious by nature as engineers - deep down maybe graffiti artists spraying over billboards have some engineering traits too maybe : ), and a fairly proven way is to provide technical (or business) information, which the smart manufacturers appear to do.

          It may sometimes be simplified information, because it won't be the expert area for all engineers, or it could be a new technology that needs a high level explanation e.g. white paper style, perhaps a new use-case is being discussed, or industry trends).


          Some of the manufacturers are great and seem willing to spend the time to take it to additional levels, and deep-dive into topics too. Webinars are a good example of that, and also application notes. All of these are things that are not in product datasheets, but are useful and often needed by engineers. Good articles and blog posts websites provide ways for users to receive feedback too (not just from the manufacturer, but from other users of the product or alternative products too). That scales better than a technical helpdesk and the traditional case-raising procedures, for resolving a lot of queries even if the resolution is a different manufacturer product. That's important because people trust others more if they're willing to say "we have a great product, but in this case, maybe you're better off with a different product due to technical reason xyz. When your needs change, consider our product".


          Some things are more easily identifiable as spam, like multiple postings in areas that seem irrelevant. A good stereotype is PCB companies which when they feel spammy, post in many areas on element14 in one shot. I don't know how others feel but personally I don't have an issue with PCB company postings if limited to a single post where they have made the effort to provide useful information or what they think is useful information, so I don't tend to report those, others might. There's even a single PCB thread which is a dumping-ground for PCB company adverts. Some things are gray areas, which if reported, will get vetted by element14 staff. I don't want to increase their workload, so personally I'll only report if I'm on the "this is more likely spam than not" mental threshold.


          Just posting this because he's an awesome movie engineer that really connects in some ways.. he just want's to be an engineer, and not deal with the boring paperwork : )

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              Jan Cumps

              Marketing works, though. I ordered one of their DIN mount housings with my P14 shopping cart credit based on a previous post of theirs.

              I prefer if a supplier has the supplier badge next to the name.

              But although this one doesn’t have it, their username is the company name. Seems ok.

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                I followed up on your post and watched some of the Brazil movie. I had never seen it. Recognised some of the characters in the short segment and then had to do some research to catch up.


                Rather liked the hustle and bustle of the employees while the boss watched from above the floor. Once the boss went into his office everyone went back to doing as little as possible. I worked in departments like that. I never managed to stay long. It is way to hard trying to look busy. I rather just have work that is valued and I am busy.


                Now to your commentary.

                • marketing bluster, will be poorly received...strongly agree
                • element14 staff have helped in the past when manufacturers have been community-insensitive...glad to hear
                • we're suspicious by nature as engineers.... highlite the yes
                • Webinars are a good example...very much so
                • I don't want to increase their workload,...i agree. I'm not sure who is staff and who isn't.


                I have made replied to some posts with the sole intent of being perceived as a hall monitor. I rather enjoy being the first respondor on those single line questions. My experience from my IT Security background has proven that an early warning system confronting probes can be effective. I am more than willing to share my knowledge but, the hair on the back of my neck will stand up and I will go defensive if you put no value on it. Free to me, has value that can be evaluated in a commodity other than dollars.



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                Christopher Stanton

                Camden Boss have a supplier agreement with Premier Farnell to my knowledge, part of this agreement tends to include a 'supplier page' for them to post their products to on the Community, and they're also invited to post on the Community to engage with members about their products.


                Not all suppliers 'get' how this can work, and some merely post product marketing posts, others however, post engaging discussions and content, it can be a challenge helping suppliers to understand how a Community operates beyond being another place to put an advertisement.

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                    I could see vendor marketing departments failing to realise that they are publishing to a community and not a captive trade show audience. I am surprised at the small volume of product content that I am subjected to, considering the backing relationship supporting the site. I would figure to receive the benefits there would be more.


                    It is refreshing to be a part of a community that polices itself. It has been my experience that sites provide the assurance but fail to deliver. Reading the RoadTest commentaries you can't help but recognise the members commitment to excellence.


                    I have no complaints about the placement of product content. I'm still guarded about it. Maybe it is because I don't want the risk of a good thing get watered down for a dollar, while recognising you have to have the dollar to support the good thing. I have seen how the use of web browser cookies is covering every exposed blank space in my screen. I'm not sure if it better or worse than shooting the annoying monkey.



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                    Here's a fine example of what I really dislike:



                    Yukky, expensive, corporate nonsense video. Can't decide if it's worse than those pictures of two obvious non-engineers in an office but I think it probably is


                    Could have been replaced by a nice list of what they do (actually some quite nice parts) but this thing is 3 minutes of wasted time !


                    Posted by Alicia Keene who joined E14 yesterday.

                    There is an Abracon group created by Christian DeFeo and the front page of that looks sort of E14 official  - it's OK, has a list and some cute stuff you could buy.


                    But that video .................



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                        Macbeth says, from a play of the same name written by William Shakespear's, "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing." The suggested meaning of the quote is for a brief time life is full of "sound and fury", but in the end, nothing lasts.


                        I would paraphrase the Macbeth quote understanding to the single word meaningless and then apply that label to this product placement content.