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    Ultra96-v2 USB3.0 issue


      I have a customer using the Ultra96-v2 board. They want to use the SOM as a USB 3.0 mass storage device to a Windows PC. They are using the standalone baremetal driver usbpsu version 1.4  and xilinx SDK example sb_intr_example.c and along with chapter 9 xusb code. The design compiles successfully and runs and does print messages on JTAG. However, the PC host does not see Ultra96-v2 based usb3.0 device at all. They are using the USB0 controller on the board


      They have also tried with and with out  "Enable V BUS Port" under USB3.0  in IO configuration of ZYNQMP block using Vivado HLx 2018.2 tools.


      Any thoughts or direction on how to resolve this would be very much appreciated!