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    Upcoming RoadTest: Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit


      I am going to be running a roadtest on the Infineon Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit. I wanted to preview the kit and obtain some feedback from community members.


      What is the Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit?


      Infineon’s Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit provides a fast and easy way to build best-in-class security into your blockchain system design. This generic kit supports an evaluation environment for many different kinds of Blockchain technologies. It provides a lean feature set as well as open source application examples, which enable new ideas to flourish and to generate a secured physical link from the digital to the real world.


      What's included in the kit?


      • Five ready-to-use NFC cards, supporting basic blockchain functionalities such as secure key generation, signing methods, pin protection and many more
      • On-card software that supports commands for key-management, signature creation and PIN authentication
      • Access to Infineon’s blockchain git hub: Open source example application code, such as a smartphone app operating with the card


      Here are the main features:


      NFC cards

      • Credit card size format (ID1)
      • Infineon security controller chip
      • Contactless communication interface ISO 14443 Type A


      On-card software commands

      • Key-management
      • Signature creation
      • PIN authentication


      Open-source software

      • Android example app demonstrating a crypto wallet for Ethereum/ERC-20 tokens and a Smart Contract voting demo
      • Python library abstracting the
      • Blockchain Security 2Go API


      Here are some video links about the kit:





      What do you think of the kit? How would you roadtest it? What questions do you have about the kit? (Please comment below.)



      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager

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          Hi Randall,


          Interesting kit, but you might want to do a webinar or a post explaining the Blockchain technology so that people can get an idea of what it can do for them.

          I think most of us have only heard of this technology in relation to Bitcoin, which I know is not true.

          I have seen some interesting discussions on the use of this technology and I think you will get more interest in the road test if you prime the pump with some open discussions on its use.



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            I agree with DAB that a webinar would be quite helpful.  And thanks for posting the kit links.  The video and other documentation are quite informative.  The Infineon GitHub repository is also useful: https://github.com/Infineon/Blockchain.  Got me thinking about how one would go about building their own blockchain to interact with the security kit and I came across the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem: https://cosmos.network/intro that seems quite interesting.


            I guess if you want to use a mobile app with this roadtest it would have to be on an Android device as I think Apple devices still don't properly handle NFC.  Luckily, there is a Python implementation so you can use a computer with an NFC interface instead.



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              This is an interesting kit, and it is nice to see vendors like Infineon pushing the technology into the wider market.


              One of the most interesting and promising use case for the technology is applying it to the "Collaborative Organisations", where there is the need to build "trust" between many entities to perform some specific automated workflows (i.e. a simple case would be the e-signing of authorization for purchase in a procurement system in a large organisation, or to automate the purchase process across the whole supply chain).


              As for any relatively young technology, the more the people get creative, the more new use cases will be created.



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                Amazing! Looking forward to the RoadTest Review.

                It will be really helpful if you can do a webinar on this.

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                  I had a quick read through the information provided in the links to see if it answered the question "what can you actually do with the kit".


                  I found an answer on the github page... https://github.com/Infineon/Blockchain


                  To link the Blockchain Security 2Go smart cards to a Blockchain, you need a device that handles the communication with the Blockchain. This could either be

                  • an NFC-enabled smartphone, or
                  • a host device (e.g. PC, RasperryPi) connected to a contactless reader.


                  So besides just the demo app for an Android-based smartphone, to test this starter kit you would be looking at app development on Android Studio. I see the app code is provided here: https://github.com/Infineon/BlockchainSecurity2Go-Android


                  This is somewhat limiting if you're not into Android Studio.


                  That leaves development and testing using a PC or SBC such as a RPI. This option looks quite attractive to me as I see they've also provided a Python library: https://github.com/Infineon/BlockchainSecurity2Go-Python-Library


                  As such, it looks like a python enabled SBC would be a prerequisite for this roadtest, and/or a road tester would have to confirm that they have Android Studio experience etc.


                  Then of course I'm assuming based on the video you would need to know something about smart contracts and/or bitcoin wallets and how these work with blockchain. Thus, I would certainly need a primer course to be in a position to road test this starter kit as blockchain is still a very specialist technical field.


                  From an application point of view, this kit has huge potential, so would love it if a webinar could be arranged to get a heads up on the technical aspects.

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                      I am an Android developer also involved in hardware devices interfaced with Android. And you have put in clear a very important aspect for those who plan to enroll. I don't remember if the NXP RFID card reader for the Raspberry will support or not these cards. If so, it is better and more viable to work on the PI and use the Android environment as a testing platform for redundance check.


                      I am not yet sure if I will enroll or not, it depends on the time I need to work on the books I am writing. These are very time-consuming.


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                          If you look at this page https://github.com/Infineon/Blockchain/tree/master/pc  you will see it provides a link to a list of standard USB-based NFC readers. So, I would think something like the NXP PN7150 controller would have no problem (and there's a RPI shield for this too), as many of those USB-based NFC card readers use NXP reader/controller chips.


                          If you decide to use the PN7150 controller, for example, I believe you would need to develop your own firmware as the available NXP-NCI firmware would not work out the box. According to the Infineon user manual those blockchain NFC cards are formatted as ID-1 format (commonly used for payment cards), as specified by ISO/IEC 7810 [1].


                          That GitHub page also has a link to a blog that provides information about how to use other programming languages, such as C and GO, for example.


                          So things are looking more and more promising, from a software development perspective.


                          I also see that this GitHub page (https://github.com/Infineon/Blockchain/tree/master/hackathon ) has some interesting application examples.

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                              Thank you G, you are Big! LoL


                              Ok, I have a couple of NXP NF readers for the Raspberry PI and I have already tested that they work with the classical hotel electronic keys (RFID) as well as with the Mifar Standard. I also have used in the past some development on the card reader connected to the USB. So I think that I have almost all the stuff I need to make some test project. I know how the blockchain works (at least I think) and I am interested but I have never done noting related to data mining and something similar. Maybe I will think of this possibility and enroll this road test.

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                                  Ha ha. Well, I'm not feeling that big now.


                                  Reviewing what I said yesterday, it appears that ID-1 format (commonly used for payment cards), as specified by ISO/IEC 7810 is merely a specification for the physical attributes of the card.


                                  For contactless, the obvious standard, of course, is ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC - Type A (according to user manual). So both the PN7150 and the older PN532 controller libraries will be able to read the block data.


                                  Then... according to section 4 of the user manual (API):


                                  The Application Protocol Data Units (APDUs) represent the standard communication messaging format between a smart card and an application device and is defined in part 4 of the ISO 7816 standard [14]. There are two types of APDUS:

                                  • Command APDUs (to send commands to a smart card), and
                                  • Response APDUs (to receive answers from a smart card).
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                            To All,


                            thanks for commenting on this discussion.


                            It's helpful to me.


                            I have recently attended two conferences and blockchain was a hot topic.


                            But I haven't seen it talked about that much on the community. But it seems like there is good interest.


                            I am waiting to receive the kits and expect to launch the roadtest in august/sept.



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                              What are the advantages/disadvantage of blockchain security verses PKI?


                              The offerings of blockchain security presented in this post appear to be very similar to what is provided with PKI. Am I mistaken?


                              I seem to recall rscasny suggesting a podcast as an introduction for Blockchain before a webinar on this technology, is that still in the works?


                              I look forward to more information before I consider honing the paperwork on the RoadTest application grindstone for this opportunity.