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    I need help


      I would like to create a device that inputs data, specifically single shots, from multiple camera modules at once or nearly at once and writes the image data to an SD card. I am not sure where to even begin. Single board computers may not have this capability. Can anyone lease help?

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          Hi Griffin,

          Can you provide more information about your setup or proposed setup. For example what kind of camera module you are using ?


          From your description what I understood is that you have a series of camera connected to a SBC (Single board computer ) and you want to capture images from all those camera at once.

          If that is the case. The trigger at which the camera operate is actually from your SBC. You can send a capture request to all your camera at once or with minimum latency and read the data in series.


          But question here is what kind of camera modules are you talking about. There are surveillance camera modules which can be connected to a network over wifi/ethernet, there are cameras which uses USB, there modules uses CSI, I2C, SPI etc.


          If you can give some more details about your project. We can figure it out.




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