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    7" Touchscreen Display




      This is my first Raspberry Pi.  I have the Raspberry Pi working great on my monitor.  The problem I'm having is with the 7" touchscreen display.  I cannot get any signs of life out of the device at all.  I've followed the directions several times and get the same results.  The screen does not light up at all.  I'm thinking it is a DOA.  Here's my question... If I just power the screen only without the RPi should the screen at least light up? 




      Thanks for any help with this!

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          Hi Shawn,


          I believe (not sure) that it won't light up.

          It's worth checking the instructions here (ignore the enclosure bits), and in particular the photographs, to double-check flat flex orientations and anything else that may look different on your setup.

          Raspberry Pi 7” Capacitive Touch Display: Assembly and Enclosure

          Other instructions are good too, but I know those instructions work, because I wrote them and tested them.


          There's many reasons it may not work, but the most common are:

          * Flat flex installed the wrong way around, or at an angle, or the connector lever is not shut

          * Not enough power - the so-called 'official' power supply will work, but others may not, or the USB cable may need changing to a thicker one


          Also, I believe (not sure) that you most likely need to disconnect the HDMI monitor to get the 7" touchscreen display to work. The HDMI monitor takes priority I think (both can't be used simultaneously).

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