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    Cache Library on the UltraZed




      I am currently trying to build a kernel module, which contains functions like cache-flushing.


      Some background Information as to how my System is generated:

      I am using the Xilinx-V2019.1-Toolchain (Vivado & SDK, PetaLinux Tools) to generate all the required Embedded Linux components like bootloader, kernel image and device tree. Furthermore I have cloned the Xilinx-Linux-Repository, switched to the V2019.1 branch and configured PetaLinux Tools to use the specific Xilinx-Linux-Repo to generate the components using the repository. My platform is the Avnet-UltraZed-EG-IOCC Board and I am using a Debian-10 root filesystem for development. The Module I am trying to compile has worked on other Zynq-7000 Dev. Boards which have a different CPU-Architecture (32-Bit).


      The issue:

      The module won't compile, because I am trying to use kernel functions form a header which doesn't exist (outercache.h).


      Regarding the outercache.h header, someone pointed out to me that this library can only be used on ARM-32-Bit-CPUs. As of right now I have worked through the arch/arm/include/asm/*.h and arch/arm64/include/asm/*.h within the Xilinx-Linux-Repository and found some other headers. But the problem persists, that the relevant headers (for example from the arm64-dir: cache.h, cacheflush.h) are not build. I have tried building the headers using PetaLinux Tools, as well as Cross Compiling using make xilinx_zynqmp_defconfig, make deb-pkg, make headers_install. Using the find command I have not figured out how to generate these cache headers, which could be the solution to my problem.

      Another tip which I received on the Xilinx Forum was to include the following line CONFIG_OUTER_CACHE=y in the  xilinx_zynqmp_defconfig, which seemed promising but also didn't help me generating the required headers.

      The only cache-relevant header being built on my system is located under /usr/include/linux/bcache.h, but doesn't contain any helpful functions for my module.


      So as of right now I am really desperate to find out, how the cache can be flushed on 64-Bit Architectures from the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ Series. Hopefully someone can help me out with this issue, it might also help future developers.

      I am depending on this to work for my application which is why I am trying to get help from both Forums here as well as the Xilinx Forum (see https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Embedded-Linux/Cacheflush-not-working/m-p/1009218#M35867)


      I would appreciate all the help I can get and please reply should you need more details, screenshots or other information,


      best regards,



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          Can you provide the Makefile? I think Makefile will lead us to some clue.

          Btw are you able to locate asm/outercache.h file in linux/arch?




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              The asm/outercache.h is located under linux/arch, but it seems like a configuration prevents the header from being built into the system.

              I am unsure as to what extent this is an issue with my build-process, configuration or architecture. (see Answer in Xilinx Forum)


              Makefile for the Module:

              ifneq ($(KERNELRELEASE),)
              EXTRA_CFLAGS := -I$(src)/build
              obj-m := module.o
              asterics-objs := build/driver.o build/support.o build/memio.o build/reader.o  build/writer.o
              SOURCE_DIR = ../../sources/
              SRC_DIR = ./
              KDIR    := /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build
              PWD     := $(shell pwd)
                mkdir -p build
                cp driver.[hc] build/
                cp $(SRC_DIR)config.h build/
                cp linux_kernel_if.h build/
                cp $(SOURCE_DIR)support.[hc] build/
                cp $(SOURCE_DIR)memio.[hc] build/
                cp $(SOURCE_DIR)reader.[hc] build/
                cp $(SOURCE_DIR)writer.[hc] build/
                $(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) SUBDIRS=$(PWD) modules
                rm -fr build


              eventually my build steps will help as well:


              #1 Using PetaLinux to build the Boot-Files, Kernel Image and Device Tree
              Host $ petalinux-config <hw-desc>
              Host $ petalinux-build
              Host $ petalinux-package ...
              #2 cloning the Xilinx-Linux-Repo and building the Header Files
              Host $ git clone <xlnx-lnx-repo>; cd <xlnx-lnx-repo>
              Host $ make xilinx_zynqmp
              Host $ make deb-pkg
              Host $ make headers_install
              Host $ ls usr/include/*
              Host $ find usr/include/ -name "outercache.h" # Header not found
              Host $ find <xlnx-lnx-repo>/ -name "outercache.h" # Header found under arch/arm/include/asm/outercache.h
              #3 booting the System with Debian
              UZ3EG $ find /usr/include/ -name "outercache.h" #Header not found
              UZ3EG $ sudo dpkg -I linux-header* linux-image* linux-libc*
              UZ3EG $ cd /lib/modules/<uname -r>/build
              UZ3EG $ make headers_install
              UZ3EG $ make modules
              UZ3EG $ find usr/include/ -name "outercache.h" # Header not found
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              Did you make head way here?

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                  Hello @BB-Sphere,


                  could you explain your question, I am not sure what you mean.


                  Goal: I am trying to flush the Cache using Kernel functions.


                  Problem: The Kernel library which is built through PetaLinux Tools, or myself don't include / build the needed Librarys (outercache.h, cache.h, cacheflush.h).

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                    Hello clem57 and Using Xilinx Tools Forum, Forums (ZedBoard), UltraZed, Avnet, Xilinx,


                    first of all thank you for looking into this matter and helping me out with your expertise. I have looked into these links and will work them through more thoroughly.

                    From what I read and tried, my problem with the Linux User Space Library / Kernel Headers still persist.


                    I have also tried building the module using the PetaLinux Tools Workflow:


                    petalinux-create -t modules --name <user-module-name> --enable


                    but this is a dead end due to multiple reasons.


                    Using the Approach from https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Embedded-Development-Tools/Trouble-creating-Linux-Application-in-SDK-2016-2-or-2016-4/td-p/… doesn't seem very promising but I will definitely try it. There is some resemblance to their issue and the issue I am working with.


                    The other Workflows describing how to generate the linux components unfortunately didn't give any new insights, although they are a genuine and very well documented resource to get started with the PetaLinux Toolchain.


                    Regarding my issue I am almost certain that the issue is within the configuration https://github.com/Xilinx/linux-xlnx of arch/arm64/configs/xilinx_zynqmp_defconfig or some switch / configuration with in PetaLinux preventing the Cache Headers to be built. But this is only an assumption based on my research, the solution could lie somewhere completely different.

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