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    Difficulties with interfacing external devices using Altera FPGAs


      How can I interface external analog signals (from a potentiometer for example) and display the bits on the user LEDs? Is it also possible to apply fourier transform on these analog signals? I have both Cyclone 10 LP evaluation kit and the DE 10 Nano standard, yet I couldn't successfully implement this experiment in either of them. for the DE 10 Nano standard, i read the ADC controller IP manual but its directions weren't that clear for me.


      Generally speaking, I still don't understand how configuring the pin planner works so that might be one of the issues. Also the problem doesn't lie just in this experiment, I am having difficulties with interfacing anything external whether it was a motor or an LCD screen.


      I've only started teaching myself VHDL and FPGAs a few months ago so I'm still a beginner. I've implemented some basic logic design concepts such as full adders and multiplexers and they worked just fine.


      If someone can guide me through the problems I'm facing now I'd truly appreciate it. Any advice, resources etc. would be helpful.