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    If we arranged an element14 Community get together / party - what would we do?

    Christopher Stanton

      Following on from If we arranged an element14 Community get together / party - would you want to go?


      What would we do at such a meet up?


      A few suggestions from the Community team have been:


      - Ask people to bring their projects to talk about, perhaps in some kind of presentation format. People demo' their projects where possible.

      - Barcamp style talks or slideshows, people talk about a piece of tech' news, or tech' they've worked on or opinions on the industry they want to share / express

      - May be able to visit the distribution warehouse, though this depends on number of people and availability to arrange it, so I wouldn't promise that one too much.

      - Community keynote/presentation/discussion, get some input from attendees about the Community and a chance for members to ask the Community team questions as well, perhaps this could be linked between the Leeds / Chicago office to get the whole team involved.


      I'm not sure but we might be able to get someone from one or more of our suppliers if that was an interest, though usually they would want to see it from a sales perspective rather than a casual get together, still if there was a product that people wanted to know more about then we could probably arrange something like that?


      Event might be near the offices rather than at the offices, depending on numbers, so somewhere in/near Chicago/Leeds.


      Thoughts? Opinions?