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    Putty into beagle black.


      I followed a tutorial on line and I am attempting to putty into a Beagle Black.   It seems to reject the password.    I am using 9.5 image on a REV C.   I get the IP address off of the Beagle.   I use user name root.   

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          My understanding is that they (beagleboard) disabled root for security reasons.  I saw a discussion somewhere, saying that people were putting their beaglebone directly on the Internet, and then complaining that hackers were logging in as root.  So they disabled it.


          You can get in as root, but only after you use the normal login.

          In putty, use the Username debian

          Then pw is temppwd


          After logging in that way, if you really need root, at the $ prompt you can su to become root.

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